Monday, October 20, 2008

willy + mega - huntington beach hyatt wedding

Willy & Mega are the fourth (and hopefully not final!) indonesian couple I have done from the same church and group of friends. It was held at the beautiful Hyatt in Huntington Beach on an absolutely PERFECT day. I am not kidding...just look at some of the shots of he sky if you don't believe me. My favorite shot in this clip is the one from behind with their arms up in the air sings praises towards the sky.

Got a chance to work with Stephanie and her fine crew from Exquisite Events for the first time and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The reception got a little stressful and she and her associates were very helpful throughout and had such great attitudes about everything. Look forward to working with them again soon!

Also had the pleasure of working along side Rodolfo Arpia and I really enjoyed it. I always love working with photogs who have such a great attitude and realize that we are both there to capture moments for the couple.

Second week in a row giving a shout out to a DJ, but this guy deserves it. Dean Henderson and I worked together at Robert and Louisa's wedding a few weeks ago and he such a nice guy and great DJ.

Bride and Groom wanted to use Lifehouse's classic wedding song.."You and Me" for their Cinema Reale.


Rodolfo Arpia Photographer said...

Great video!
It was great to shoot alongside of you.


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