Thursday, June 21, 2007

Shoot with Natalie-First Bridal Music Video

Okay so I wanted to start offering these as a package upgrade but didn't have any samples because, obviously, I have never done one. So, I approached one of my September brides about doing one and she was more than willing, even though i told her it would require her to "act it up a bit". This is because I knew I wanted to do something that actually had somewhat of a plot to it rather than just "twirling eye candy". Nothing against those kinds of clips, I am going to offer them as well, but the criticism with those has always seemed to be "its great but got old after awhile" and i wanted to avoid that.

So this sample will be for those "i always wanted to be an actress" brides that I run into occasionally out here in Hollywoodland. I wanted to give them the option to do something like this that they can surprise their grooms with or just have fun with knowing that they will probably never get a chance to do something like this again.


Rhea said...

Yay! You finally have a blog! Awesome work as usual Daniel. Great to see you expanding and offering even more cool options to your couples.

Mike said...

Hi Daniel, this is (yet another) great creation! I love it.

John Schnack said...

Great work as always, Dan-o!