Sunday, September 9, 2007

freddie + alicia - newport marriott

Okay, I am going to have a tough time coming up with enough superlatives to describe this couple and their wedding. Simply put, Freddie and Alicia are just incredible people. From day one, they treated me, not as a vendor, but as their friend. So it is very easy to see why they had so many friends and family out at their wedding supporting them and cheering them on. They are special people.

They came to me after seeing what I did for their friends Billie and Kimmie a couple years ago and wanted to not only do a same day edit but also a funny concept video. They came up with some great ideas for what they wanted to do and we finally settled on a "mock Survivor" type thing. We all had a blasting shooting this video in May with all of their bridal party and screened it at their reception prior to their being announced for the first time. The crowd loved it!

And here is their Cinema Reale' complete with excerpts from one of the best first dances I have ever seen!:

Thank you to Freddie and Alicia for being truly one of the best couples I have ever had the pleasure of shooting!


nichole.guillen said...

When my husband and I saw the videos at Alicia & Freddie's wedding, we were in awe! You did an amazing job bringing out their individual characteristics and the true beauty of their wedding. What an amazing talent!! I've already recommended your services to two friends who are getting married soon (my husband even sent a text to one of his engaged friends while we were at the wedding!).

I'm sure Alicia and Freddie are thrilled with your work!

~Nichole Nguyen

Daniel Boswell said...

That is so nice of you Nichole..thank you very much!!