Sunday, June 8, 2008

tim & jennifer - brookside equestrian center wedding

Part two of my "two weddings in one day craziness" was held at the beautiful and unique Brookside Equestrian Center. Tim & Jennifer's wedding was so unique in a lot of ways. From the groomsmen's matching tennis shoes to the bride coming in on a carriage, it truly was special. I also had the unique experience of editing in a room right next to the horse stalls and hearing one one horse kick the wall next to me very hard the whole night. Apparently he wasn't too happy with the music being so loud! At first it was very jarring and nerve-wracking but I found it to be quite funny after awhile. The horse was like your old grumpy neighbor who always tried to ruin your parties. ;)

The song is "Life is Beautiful" by Vega4 and I have to thank my bud Drew Renner for suggesting this song. The groom Tim liked it and agreed to it as it was already one of the songs on his list.


Drew Renner said...

Love the SDE from this knocked it out of the park again. My hats of to you!

AHS Photography said...

awesome man! it was great working with you-Aaron

Jenn (the bride!) said...

Daniel, Just revisitng your blog again, because I referred you to a friend! I LOVE LOVE LOVE our "SDE" (as Drew says)! Tim and I loved every moment of our wedding, and you captured it all! Thank You, and hope to see you soon!