Monday, November 24, 2008

daniel + rosanne/roxanne - hotel del coronado wedding

Slacking on my blogging last week! This wedding was actually last Saturday but I had such a busy week I couldnt get to it so I am going to try and give you guys a double dose in the next couple days. :)

Another incredibly awesome day with the same crew as a couple weeks ago with Victoria and her fine crew at Coronado Weddings coordinating and Paul Barnett took care of the photography.

A different sort of beginning and ending to this one. The groom is German so I started the video with a little German song the groomsmen were signing to the groom prior to the wedding. I have no idea what they are saying but it sounded cool so I started the video with it. ( For all I know it could be sining about the grooms pending "death" ;) )

While I was working on an ending for the video, photogs Paul and Dean alerted me to a cool shot they got of the couple at the beach when they had the whole party jump up in the air so i ended the video with it.


Drew Renner said...

Love this one! I like the up tempo feel to it and how you started and ended the SDE. Great job Dan!

jacker said...

Although we have differences in culture, but do not want is that this view is the same and I like that!
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