Monday, January 12, 2009

chia + gene - vista optimist club wedding

Gene and Chia are an awesome couple. I always love when a couple chooses to do a VideoBio with me because I know that I will get a chance to actually get to know my clients. Most of the time, I meet a couple once before a wedding (sometimes I meet them for first time on actual day!). Not only did we do their shoot together, we got to spend a whole afternoon together. Part of their story was how they first interacted at a school club trip at the local ice rink so we took a drive to the UTC indoor ice rink to recreate it. I had never ice skated before so I was excited to give it a try and Gene snapped a few shots. Yes, that is my asst with me..who also doubles as my daughter Annika. :)

As far as the day was such a blast! Got a chance to work with the amazing Brenda Swann for the first time. We had talked on the phone several times prior to the wedding and I felt an instant connection with her. So when the wedding day had a few "bumps" for me as a few technical things happened, she was the perfect coordinator for the situation. Totally cool and calm which put us at ease. Also got the priviledge to work along side photographer Louis Palos and his wife Erin. Truly a treat as they are just really cool, genuine people. Check out their awesome photos of this wedding on their blog!

Gene and Chia are HUGE Disney my favorite shot is the second to last one. (Minnie and Mickey cake topper) :)


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