Sunday, February 22, 2009

nora + amir- another "move-E-session"

Nora & Amir are another one of my "fusion" (photo/video) couples I get to shoot this year and I had the opportunity to spend the whole day with them to shoot their E-session. We had so much fun at Balboa Fun Zone, Newport Beach and Irvine.

Here are a couple stills until I get the fusion video completed.


nora said...

we had so much fun! thanks daniel for making us look so good!! :)

Laura Moses said...

Dang, Daniel, you are a one hot photographer!!! These are gorgeous. The bride with the orange bouquet too.

Vantage Point

Everafter said...

Blimey! Some amazing shots! Nice one!

Ever After

Joe R. from TTD said...

Hey Dan,

Really nice work on the stills. It's awesome to see a naturally talented artist paint with another brush so to speak.

Great job!

Daniel Boswell said...

thx everyone. :)