Sunday, April 6, 2008

ciara + nick - casa romantica wedding

Unbelievably fun couple. Put it this way, Bride was heard overheard during prep saying. "My dress is a little too loose, I almost went and ate a couple cheeseburgers so it would fit better." The next time I hear that from a bride would be never. Classic!

They were not only fun, but also very sincere in their love for each other as witnessed by their incredible vows they spoke to each other. I was very happy to hear them say these things because I used Mazzy Star's classic "Fade into You" which is beautiul but monotonous and needed the added audio to supplement it.  Music and audio came together nicely and the crowd loved it.

I also got a chance to work with Heather and Julia from Amorology Weddings. They were super sweet and helpful and made sure we got fed. (Most important!)


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