Sunday, April 6, 2008

peter + kendra - la venta

Peter and Kendra are an awesome couple. So sweet and full of life. They were surrounded by their very loving family and friends in the intimate and beautiful setting that La Venta provides. I was very happy about the reaction I got with their clip!


kendra said...

we must tell you how beautiful the video is and so many of our friends have written about how special it maid of honor even sent it around her office at their req and her co-workers said it moved them to tears (and they don't even know us!)
we are so glad my friend gave me the info about you and your site....and that you were were the only
videographer i talked to and the first vendor we locked into (even before La Venta), and we must say we will never reqret much of a blur as apr5th is to me, your video has allowed us to enjoy it all through other eyes, and see the overall beauty of the venue and ceremony. we will have this beautiful moving memory for all time thanks to you and your timeless enduring art.

thank you again so much, kendra & peter blows

Geri said...

The vedio is wonderful. It was able to show the love and happiness Peterand Kendra felt.It is great!