Sunday, September 21, 2008

duy + hanh - vietnamese wedding doubletree anaheim

You know its a great day when 12 hours seems like 2. Seriously, the day flowed so super smooth and was so fun that it just flew by. Traditional Vietnamese wedding started with groom coming to brides house to perform tea ceremony before going to grooms' parents house for a couple more ceremonies. After their traditional Vietnamese ceremony , the bride changed into her "American dress" and they had a short ceremony outside in the backyard.

Besides their two close friends and family members that each had in their wedding party, Duy and Hanh also had a bunch of little kids in their party and they stole the show. There are a couple of shots in their videos that are up there in my list of all time favorite shots. The bride kissing the little boy and the look on the little girl's face as she watches Duy put the ring on Hanh..PRICELESS!

The fact that they featured these kids tells you all you need to know about Duy & Hanh. They are two incredible people who care deeply about everyone in their life. They constantly made sure that Drew and I were taken care of. They made us feel like we weren't just their vendors, we were their friends. Of course that makes you want to go the extra mile and do the best job possible. (Plus they are HUGE Laker fans which always pumps me up!)

They decided on using Chantal Kreviazuk's "Feels Like Home" for their Cinema Reale. It worked perfectly because of ceremonies being at their houses...and the duel meaning of "home".


duey said...

shot of cassidy (my niece, the little girl) looking up at the ring was truly priceless. thanks so much for the amazing work dan!

Nhu Muon said...

Daniel, another beautiful video -- you really captured beautiful moments filled with emotion that the couple will treasure. Love your work! Nhu Muon