Monday, September 29, 2008

matt & joanne- moorpark country club wedding

Yet another back to back to back weekend!

Kicking off this fri-sat-sunday weekend was Matt & Joanne's wedding at the Moorpark Country Club. I had not even met the bride and room until the day of dealing exclusively with the groom's Mother Janet. So the first time I met the bride was the day of and our first meeting was memorable.

I was in the getting ready room chatting with the grooms lovely twin sister Lyndsay waiting for the rest to arrive. When I heard commotion I stood up in front of the doorway to greet them...which apparently was a big mistake as the bridal party started screaming like I was an intruder! I can understand their POV though. They weren't expecting a tall man in their room when they walked in. They were so boisterous and it was then that I realized that the bride are her entourage were all Brazilian. They told me.."you have to excuse us..we're loud because we are Brazilian". Too funny.

I had a blast shooting their wedding. Both families are so close knit and was such a neat thing to witness two families, as well as two cultures, come together so nicely.

Bride wanted either Endless Love or Breathe by Faith i chose the latter. :) I love that she took a very deep breath when she walked down the aisle. Of course I had to time it with the song!


Anonymous said...


Jô, assisti ao vídeo e uma saudade imensa me invadiu por completo!!! Nunca esquecerei esses momentos mágicos que passamos juntas.
Sinto a sua falta! Volta logo!

Amo você. Sempre.
Um beijo p/ o Matt, p/ a mamãe, e p/o bebê mais lindo!!!!!

Muitos beijos e abraços apertados!!!!!

Drew Watts said...

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