Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ton + virra - montage resort laguna beach wedding video

Virra found out about my work through Jeff & Linda, a wedding I did in June of last year.

Well, now all that's left for me to shoot to complete a full week is a Tuesday and Wednesday wedding. I shot a Thursday wedding this year, and now after this weekend, a Monday wedding. I must say I love this "off day" weddings. Everyone just seems much more relaxed and easy going about things.

Virra and Ton are incredibly sweet people who are clearly in love with not only each other but their cute little boy, Jaiden. One of the highlights was watching friend of the bride "bribing" their little boy with gummi bears to get him to walk down the aisle!

Got a chance to work with - for second time in a few weeks- Jasmine Star and her hubby JD. They are so extremely gracious and truly a pleasure to work along side. They even bailed me out by letting me use their Mac power cord as I had forgotten mine!

This fabulous event was coordinated perfectly by Michelle and Brooke from Details Details who made sure everything flowed flawlessly all day. They were extremely helpful which is so important for doing the Cinema Reale.

Virra and Ton like R&B music so we went with a tried and true classic, Sade's "By Your Side". Virra looked absolutely stunning and it was impossible to get a bad shot of her as you will see in this video:


Jasmine said...

it was awesome working with you again...great work as always! :)

Anonymous said...

the video shoot was soooooo beautifully done... and the bride, she's realllllyyy gorgeoussssss. two thumbs up!!!!

Anonymous said...

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