Monday, October 13, 2008

stacie + todd - wedding the w hotel san diego

An incredible day in downtown San Diego! The W hotel was a fabulous host and everyone was so accommodating there. First Hotel I have ever been in that used Macs! Love it!

Stacie and Todd are avid surfers so naturally, the ceremony was held up on the second level at "the Beach". And fittingly, Stacie walked down a sand filled aisle to join Todd under the "Chuppah". Like everything else at this wedding, the arrangement of the guest seats was so unique and different with the guests being seated in long skinny rows. During the ceremony there was this cute little bird that seemed to be very interested in what was going on and I just had to include him in the video because damn if he didn't keep looking up at Stacie and Todd! :)

Got a chance to work along side Angel and her sister Anna from Events of Love and Splendor. They were truly a pleasure to work with. It was very obvious that they truly wanted Todd & Stacie to have the best day ever.

Stacie is one of my faithful blog followers who is a graphic artist (designed her own invitations!) so she is a very creative bride. The reception was set-up like a ultra-sheik party more than a wedding reception. She also has great taste in music and for weeks prior to her wedding, she sent me numerous songs to check out before we finally decided on Esthero's "Everyday is a Holiday With You". I was excited that after several weeks of slower, mellow songs to do one that was upbeat.


angel said...

loove this video! thanks for your amazing work, dan!! i can't stop watching it. ;-)

stacie... malkus! said...

dan, i've watched this so many times that i've lost track. i have yet to watch it without tears! you are a video genius and i'm so thrilled that angel turned me onto you to capture our day!!!! your work is phenomenal and i can't wait to see the rest of the day. thank you again.

deb said...

wow.. so wonderful to see your wedding stacie and todd.. It brought a tear to my eye.. Privileged to meet you on your honeymoon. I hope we stay in touch and spend many more good times together. Love Maldives deb

Rick Grunden said...

Dear Stacie and Todd,

I really enjoyed watching this amazing video. You both looked great from the inside out. So happy for you both.

I'm really sad I wasn't there in person. It looked like a lot of fun was had by all.


Rick Grunden