Monday, March 16, 2009

amit + nita- indian sangeet/wedding - universial studios four seasons westlake village

Let me start off by saying that I have to be careful with this post so as not to offend any past, present and futures couples. :) Reason being, it's going to be very hard to surpass this epic wedding in terms of sheer extravagance as well as emotion. A lot of weddings are really extravagant but there isn't really any emotion there. There are also weddings that may not be so lavish, but they are really intimate and emotional affairs. This one was one of those rare occasions where both were present and it starts with the couple and their wonderful families.

Amit & Nita are truly two of the most warm and genuine people you could ever hope to meet. They truly appreciated everyone who was there and made sure they let everyone know how much they appreciated them...even their vendors! Nita is such a stunningly beautiful girl that one would hardly blame her if she was stuck up. Well, nothing could be further from the truth as she is the most incredibly down to earth, sweet girl. It was literally impossible to get anything but greats shots of her which made shooting her a real treat.

Got the pleasure of working along side Dina of Andrena Photo. I have only shot a few of them but she has tons of experience shooting Indian weddings and really was a pleasure to shoot along side of. She has a great personality and is incredibly talented.

Also worked with Sonia Sharma (tweet tweet!) of Sonia Sharma Events for the first time. (Well ..sorta. She had worked with The Special Day at a wedding that I had previously done awhile back)She is honestly one of the best coordinators I have worked with as she has a great combination of keeping things on schedule and making things run smoothly and a sense of humor and flexibility that keeps everyone loose and relaxed and having fun. Needless to say I am looking forward to more events with her in the near future. (Unless they involve us eating Chicken with Ketchup again)

Like many Indian weddings, they had a Sangeet on the Thursday prior to their big day. It was held at the Globe Theater at Universal Studios and it was a full blown party complete with a Bollywood style red carpet entrance. A blast!!

Here is the highlights of Sangeet:

For the Cinema Reale we had a hard time coming up with a song prior to the wedding that could encapsulate a wedding like this. After kicking around a few lyrical songs, I decided to go instrumental route and chose ES Posthumus who are renowned for their epic movie score sounding music. I am not big on using this type of music for weddings as I think it can be a little overbearing, but the scope of this wedding with all of the events of the day demanding something epic. Even though Dina and Sonia had a little fun with me about the song while I edited this clip, which made me worry it was too over the top...I think this song worked perfectly. :)



Anonymous said...

Wow, wow, wow, that's all I can say. Daniel you are an amazing and creative person.

Sonia said...


Great job and I love how you captured all the details we worked so hard on. My clients really do look like super stars!



A said...

Heart-stopping, beautiful, decadent and amazing.

Just... WOW!!!

JaiShriRam said...

We are awe-struck to see the amazing production and creativity. We would like to enjoy the complete dance performance of Amit and Nita with the music, when they walked in the Banquet Hall at four seasons Hotel. May Bhagwan Ram and Bhagwan Krishna bless the kids with happiness, love, good health, and success. Thank you.
Nana and Nani

Jason said...

The song for all interested is Selisona Pi by E.S. Posthumus. As a film and trailer score junkie, it put a big smile on my face to have this music come on during the film. E.S. also did the now famous theme to Cold Case.

Link here:

Great job Daniel, love it, and congratulations again Nita and Amit.


Drew Renner said...

WOW...that was an epic SDE. I can image the energy in the room at the wedding after seeing that. Unbelievable! Great job.