Thursday, March 5, 2009

michael + leanne - spanish hills country club wedding

I truly don't know where to start with this one so I will start with the couple themselves. Michael & Leanne are wonderful people in every sense of the word. Besides being incredibly photogenic, they are truly sincere warm and loving people. They truly have that way about them to make everyone around them feel special.

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this day. First I got a chance to work with Duke Photography once again and Duke is not only talented but a genuine cool dude. And I have give major props to coordinator extraordinaire Hallie Pierce who is the one who referred me to this couple and, like she always does, made the day go smooth.

I just have to mention something else. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge Laker fan. It is worth mentioning that I was a huge fan even when they sucked really bad in the early nineties. Why I am bringing this up? Well, it turns out that Michael's Dad is Paul Westphal who, among other things he has done in his career, used to coach the Phoenix Suns in the early nineties. In 1993 my underdog Lakers went up on the heavily favored Charles Barkley lead Suns 2-0 in the best of five series. I remember being so excited because no one gave them a chance to win the series. When they asked Coach Westphal what he thought about the improbable position his team was in he uttered the famous "We're going to win the series" with as much conviction as you could imagine. Needless to say he was not my favorite person in the world when he turned out to be a prophet as the Suns knocked out my Lakers in three straight games. However, I am also a huge USC fan and as an alumni and one of its best basketball players of all time, its hard to hold any sort of grudge against him. Ok, I feel much better now that is off my chest! :)

The couple wanted either John Denver or this song. As much as I love JD, it was not right for a Cinema Reale so I went with Moulan Rouge Soundtrack again.


Noelle said...

As the maid of honor and Leanne's sister, I can say that this wedding is the most beautiful I've ever witnessed. They are such a beautiful couple and I'm so pleased that Daniel did such an amazing job capturing them and their special day. Great job! (I miss the reverse footage; I thought it was very cool and inventive;)!

Rene said...

Great job Daniel!!! You completely captured the beauty of the day and the sweet love that Michael and Leanne obviously have for each other.
I heard many compliments at the reception about the video. Thanks for sharing our day with us!

Rene Duckgeischel

Daniel Boswell said...

hahaha Noelle! That was soo embarassinG!