Wednesday, March 11, 2009

julie + tom - wedding at the ebell theatre los angeles

Unique, unique UNIQUE! In every sense of the word. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing what this couple came up with to make their wedding so special and so well thought out. One of things that stood out the most was the incredible "bouquets & bountineers" made from hand sewn fabric. (check the clip to see what I mean!) They were made by by Meg, AKA Princess Lasertron , a very talented designer from Nebraska. The dresses and guys tuxes all different but all intricately coordinated. Awesome! I had never shot at the Ebell before and thought it was one of the most unique (there's that word again!) venues ever. Very historic and retro with large marble collumns everywhere.

Tom & Julie (and their friends and family for that matter!) are some of the most genuine down to earth people you could ever meet. But they also have an incredible sense of humor and don't take themselves too seriously. Love being around people like that! Their handwritten personal vows were very funny but also poignant and sentimental.

Got a chance to work with photog Kurt Hilmerson who is also a good friend of the couple's. (Julie works for Pictage). I really enjoyed the experience as Kurt and his shooters were so gracious and fun to be around.

Everything was coordinated flawlessly by Lisa Allen from Dolores Ann Events. Couple gave me Coldplay's "A Message" to use for their CR and I was really happy with the candid moments we caught for them. :)


Marykae said...

AMazing video! Loved every second.

Sky Says said...

Your video made me tear up. It was super well done.

Sara said...

I was at this wedding, and I *gasped* when this video started. Not only was it just stunning, but WOW. To have it ready to go AT THE RECEPTION?! You, sir, are amazing.

This was the most beautiful, lovely, fun and funny and touching wedding I've ever been fortunate enough to attend, and you were able to capture that. As a friend of the couple, I thank you for what you've done.

shortie said...

I'd thought I was done crying at this wedding, and then this crazy video starts of things that had happened THAT VERY DAY. Totally amazing. It really added something to the wedding that I thought couldn't be added.

Daniel Boswell said...

thank you very much to all of you ! :)