Saturday, May 17, 2008

ann + wes - anaheim sheraton wedding

I know I probably come off sounding cliche because i am always saying how much I love my couples. Honestly, it's just because I seem to get hooked up with the best couples and ann & wes are no different. The weekend prior to their wedding was very hectic for me (4 weddings!!) so going into their wedding I was looking fwd to shooting only theirs. We had such a fun first meeting just days before their wedding which made me look forward to their special day even more. They are such a sweet couple who, I could tell from day one, really valued my services. (And like i always say, this pumps me up and makes me want to do the best job ever)

Prior to our meeting, i had only dealt with Ann over the phone so I was anxious to meet them in person and finally meet Wes the groom. It turns out, he had a song picked out for their Cinema Reale and wanted to run it by me. I had never heard the song before, and like i told him when he asked what I thought about it, I won't be putting into my iPod anytime soon but because of the lyrics, I knew the song was a really song for a wedding clip. Wes did his research on my clips and knew that I loved to match stuff with lyrics and found a perfect song for that!

As far as the actual day goes, lucky we were rested up for this one! From early morning tea ceremonies at both houses, to the traditional american ceremony, to the reception at the Sheraton late into evening, it was a loooonnng day. But we enjoyed every minute of it and the pay-off was hearing them saying that I exceeded their expectations!

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April Smith said...

Nicely done, Dan! I am shooting at the Sheraton tomorrow and found your stuff when I did a google search. :) Hope to work again with you sometime...