Monday, May 26, 2008

tammy + lance- lake tahoe wedding extravagance

Wow! What an incredible weekend and I honestly don't know where to start. I am very thankful to former Laker girl, turned event coordinator extraordinaire Jeni Waters for hooking me up with this gig. I used the word "extravagance" on this entry for a reason because Jeni, Lance & Tammy pulled out all of the stops on this one. It was held at the beautiful Edgewood country club right on Lake Tahoe and even though there was rain off and on, it did not dampen the spirits of anyone involved for one minute. It was a big fun party from from the fun-filled prep session until the last song played by the most kick-butt band of all time. They even had fireworks. And I don't mean sparklers, I am talking full fledged fireworks!

Besides the bride Tammy being incredibly beautiful and extremely photogenic, the thing that really stuck out for me with this couple is that it was obvious that they truly enjoyed every minute of it and took nothing for granted. Lance and Tammy were so humble and thankful for everything and truly appreciative of not only their family and friends but of of their vendors as well.

Got a chance to work with Jim Kennedy yet again which is always a treat. Just a great guy who is just fun to be around. He snapped this shot of the bride and Jeni that I crashed last second:

Wes and I took a break from shooting to take a couple goofy photos in the photo booth they had there:

Groom left it up to me to choose music for the Cinema Reale so I chose a couple of my favorite songs. I used two because both Cat Power's "I found a Reason" and Coldplay's "Don't Panic" are each only around 2 minutes long. I thought it worked out perfectly.


Drew Renner said...

Dan, you did it again. The SDE looks great and it looks like a fun weekend. I love how you are using , more audio in the SDE. By the way, the new site is great. It looks clean and is so easy to use. Good Job!

Anonymous said...

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