Tuesday, May 13, 2008

julia + michael - cicada wedding los angeles

Ever since our first conversation just a few weeks ago, I was really looking fwd to shooting this wedding. This is because on the other line was Julia Sweeney former Saturday Night Live star (most notably "Its Pat" sketches) and current writer and producer of her own critically acclaimed one woman shows like "God Said Ha!" and most recent "Letting Go of God". As a huge SNL fan of the "golden years" growing up, I was very aware of Julia's sketches "It's Pat" and always thought they were some of the funniest skits from that era.

Julia is such a warm and sincere, sweet person who had one of the most unique stories about how she met her now husband Michael. So unique the story just had to be told so she wanted to me to come out two days before her wedding interview the suspects involved with this most unusual courtship and create a short clip to show at the reception. She also had seen some of my same day edits and couldn't believe I put them together in a few hours and was also excited about the prospect of having one shown at her reception. Usually when we do both a biography video and cinema reale we show them together in one seemless piece, but Julia had the genius idea of showing it right before the reception to essentially show the audience how we got to where we were at that point. The wedding ceremony was officiated by another SNL alum, Don Novello who was best known for playing "Father Guido Sarducci". He came out and did a short monologue in character before doing the officiating of the ceremony. It was a huge hit.

Got a chance to work with Mary Sushinski of Occasions again and her and her crew are awesome. They are so on top of everything but yet easygoing and extremely helpful. Love that combination! Also worked with photog James Johnson for the first time. He was a lot of fun to be around and talk shop with. A true artist who is one of the remaining few who still shoots on film. Hope to work with him again soon.

Later on, we showed the Cinema Reale which Julia decided would be good set to Ron Sexsmith's "Wastin' Time".


Lavoy and Marva said...

That was great and moving. I like how you use the black and white, and slow motion to set the tone. Again great job.


Maurice O'Carroll said...

Hi Daniel,

How're you keeping, my friend?

I stumbled across your video, made myself a cup of tea, and sat back to enjoy the show: it was great! Beautiful work, as always. You're a gifted videographer!

Maurice O'Carroll
Velvetine Productions - Ireland

Jo said...

The dv was absolutely divine. You've captured the emotions of the day beautifully.

Congratulations Julia and Mike.

Jo Schumacher

Anonymous said...

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