Thursday, May 29, 2008

Who Wants a FREE Photo Session???-EDITED

All you former and future brides of mine who read my blog regularly I have an offer you can't refuse! I have been taking photos on the side for awhile and am thinking about expanding my services and need your help building a portfolio. If you are getting married and want to do an engagement session with me for free, hit me up. Even if you are already doing one with your regular photographer, let me know if you want to do another with me. :)

If you were already married recently and want to do a "trash the dress" session with me, let me know. (if you don't know what that it! Very cool pics but not for everyone.)


OKAY ..I was not expecting the response I am getting! I thought maybe one or two of you guys would respond but in little 24 hours I have had about 20 emails! I am thrilled that so many of you trust my artistic talent enough to take pictures of you.

Obviously, as nice as it would be, I cannot shoot all of you guys. So for the next few days I am going to assess what I am going to need and how the schedules work.

IT'S NOT TOO LATE...PLEASE still inquire if you have not done so and are still interested .

Email me at and send me some pictures of yourselves if you have not already done that.

I am NOT looking for "perfect model" types..(but if you are that...thats ok too!). Because I am a novice at this and need some great photos to build up enough for a website, I am looking for people who are comfortable in front of the camera and are adventurous and have a great sense of self confidence.

This is what shines through on photographs more than looks. :)


Cassiopeia Guthrie said...

Emailed! :)

Gene & Chia said...

You've got mail!

Jodi said...

What about trash the dress three years later with a baby crawling behind me?

Daniel Boswell said...

Haha! Sounds good..Once a Ham..always a ham! ;)